Beyond Basic Training

Train your dog with us… A clean, safe, and friendly environment for your Beagles.

The Dog Obedience Classes-Intermediate Obedience Training is for canines that are a half year or more established and can answer orders learned in Puppy Training, in Basic Obedience Training (Beginner Training) or Comparable Skill Level including Sit, Stay, Com, Wait for boundaries, and Basic Leash Training.

This 5-week class expands on the canine fundamental dutifulness course and keeps on fortifying the preparation your canine has previously gotten. We will zero in on the accompanying essential abilities with added necessities of interruption, span, and distance .. We have fully equipped facilities using only eco-friendly and animal-friendly painting processes. Rest assured that your pets are safe with us.

  • Sit, Down, Stay
  • Free Leash Walking
  • Go to Place
  • Come When Called
  • Affable Greetings

The preparation will empower the controller and the canine to do these ways of behaving and continuously testing circumstances, including:

  • Longer Period of Time
  • Undeniable Level Distractions
  • More Distance

The canine and the overseer will play out the ways of behaving in additional intricate circumstances and gain dependability, consistency and certainty.

Disclaimer: Our dog training camp are cleaned and washed on a regular basis to ensure dogs are safe from infections and contagious diseases.