The Clear Creek Beagles


You have reached the website of the Clear Creek Beagles. The site exists to provide information to our subscribers and to facilitate their communication with the hunt, but visitors are welcome to explore.

The Functions of the Buttons

You may access the current fixture card by the use of the Fixture Card button. To find out about upcoming events, meetings, kennel workdays and the like, click on the Upcoming Events button. The buttons for email to the Joint Master and Huntsman, the Hunt Secretary and the Hunt Treasurer link this site to those persons' email addresses. The Roster button gives a current listing of the hunt staff and some additional information about the Clear Creek Beagles.  The History button leads to a history of the pack and, not lillogically, the Photographs button leads to phtographs with some explanatory text. The Favorite Links button will allow you to connect to other sites with related interests.  There you will find, among others, the  Liam's Hunting Directory link which will take you to websites for hunts around the world.  The final button, for those with an interest in bloodlines and what currently dwells in the kennels, reaches a current Hound List for the Clear Creek Beagles with age, sire and dam for each hound.


Hunting the Hare