The Clear Creek Beagles

Since 1902, the Clear Creek Beagles, founded  by Phillip B. Weissinger  of Undulata Farm, Shelby County, Kentucky have hunted in Shelby, Jefferson and Oldham Counties.  The hunting country has historically consisted primarily of open cattle and crop country interspersed with woodlands and cut by large and small creeks some with substantial bluffs and gorges as they near the Ohio River.

During the 1920's and into the 30's, Mr. Weissinger developed a considerable following among Louisville residents and, as the Depression put pressure on Mr. Weissinger's finances, these followers formed themselves into the Louisville Beagle Club which acted as a hunt supporters organization for the Clear Creek.  The first season of this more formal arrangement was in 1936-7 which also saw the first Beagle Ball to end the hunting year.  A few followers from those days remained among the subscribers of the Clear Creek until very recently including Mrs. Lyons Brown, an early president of the Louisville Beagle Club and long-time landowner and Mrs. Macauley Smith, widow of former Master, Judge Macauley Smith, both of whom died in April, 2011 at the respective ages of 100 and 102..

In the early 1950's, Mr Weissinger felt no longer able to hunt hounds for a field on a regular basis, and the Louisville Beagle Club acquired most of the Clear Creek pack and continued hunting on a subscription basis eventually adopting the name, Fincastle Beagles.  Mr. Weissinger retained a few hounds and continued for a time to use the Clear Creek name.

In 1987, the Fincastle Beagles amalgamated with a local private pack, the Rollington Foot Beagles and in doing so returned to the name, Clear Creek Beagles. The hounds are now kenneled in Oldham County, but continue to meet in Shelby County with occasional meets along Clear Creek from which the pack takes its name.

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